April, 1945: As Germany Collapses, The Third Reich Makes A Desperate Grab For Its Most Valuable Asset – A Spy Deep In The Manhattan Project

Shortlisted for 2009 Macavity Award - Historical Mystery
Winner 2009 ForeWord Book of the Year Gold Medal - Mystery

In the last days of World War II, the Third Reich makes a desperate grab for its most valuable asset, The Wasp, a spy buried deep in the Manhattan Project. The man chosen to reach the scientist is Alex Braun-American born, Harvard educated, and a ruthless killer. 

British intelligence learns of the Nazi plan, but unconvinced of the magnitude of the threat, send a single man to track down Braun. The trail leads to Rhode Island where a young heiress has unwittingly taken Braun back into her life. Soon four people have a fatal rendezvous-a tenacious British investigator, a determined young woman, a killer, and the spy who holds secrets that will shape the world.

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