Jammer Davis Won't Stop Until He Gets Answers Or Until Somebody Stops Him From Getting Them

2010 ForeWord Book of the Year Award Finalist-Thriller/Suspense

The C-500 is the world’s most advance cargo aircraft, built by a consortium funded by a group of oil-rich states. Yet a routine delivery goes horribly wrong, crashing in central France, and the world calls in the best experts available to find out why. 

Jammer Davis has a reputation for getting things done, and letting no one stand in his way. His first finding is troublesome-he has been inserted into the investigation at the behest of the CIA. Soon suicide attackers launch a series of strikes against oil refineries around the world. 

As financial markets fall into a tailspin, a relentless Davis keeps digging. What he finds is a conspiracy of unthinkable proportions. One he might not be able to stop.

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