Q&A’s With Author Ward Larsen


Is there an order to your books?
I currently have two series that are active. The Perfect Assassin, Assassin’s Game, Assassin’s Silence, and Assassin's Code comprise the David Slaton series. More are in the works. These books do not have to be read in the order listed, but are loosely set in that sequence. My Jammer Davis books, Fly By Wire, Fly By Night, and Passenger 19,  are similar in design.

Have you written any stand-alone books?
Yes, Stealing Trinity is a stand-alone historical thriller built around the Manhattan Project at the end of World War II. Also, arriving in January 2018, is a new book called Cutting Edge. This book is futuristic, but only slightly. I had a lot of fun writing it and may do a sequel if time permits.

How can I contact you?
The easiest way is by using the contact form on my website. I welcome questions and comments and respond to every one. Readers who sign up on my mailing list will be entered into a quarterly drawing for a free signed book, and also receive an email when each new book is released. Addresses will never be shared.

Are any movies in the works?
Happily, yes. The Perfect Assassin has been optioned for a motion picture by Amber Entertainment. As is often the case in Hollywood, this has turned into a long process, and it isn't over the finish line yet. I will provide updates here as casting and production become more firm.

Where do you get your ideas?
This is probably the most common question I’m asked. In short, I get them from reading non-fiction, and by keeping abreast of world events. It doesn’t hurt that I spent seven years in the military, and am a current airline captain. Because most writers complete no more than one book each year, coming up with that “big idea” is far less daunting than the day-to-day grind of editing and rewriting. That for me has always been the most challenging part.

Do you have signing events?
Yes, I attend a few select events each year, and list them on my events page. I thoroughly enjoy meeting readers and welcome all to attend!