Fly By Night

Winner of the 2011 Florida Book Award Gold Medal-Popular Fiction
2011 ForeWord Book of the Year Award Gold Medal-Thriller/Suspense

A top secret drone crashes in the
lawless Horn of Africa, and the CIA is
determined to find out what has
happened. When a cargo airplane
owned by a shady operator crashes in
Sudan, the intelligence agency senses
an opening. They call on Jammer
Davis-a top-notch crash investigator,
and the NTSB’s biggest headache.
Davis goes to Sudan in the name of
solving an air crash, but with the true
aim of finding a lost technological
marvel. He quickly finds the two
mysteries inextricably linked. And even more is at stake. A conspiracy that will tear the region apart and threaten America like nothing before.

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A young woman sailing solo across
the Atlantic makes an incredible
discovery-a man clinging to life in
the open ocean. But the desperate
survivor is more than he appears.
He is a kidon, an Israeli assassin,
and he commandeers her boat with
a new destination in mind-England.
There the two are forced into an
uneasy partnership as they run from
a lethal organization. Soon Scotland
Yard joins the hunt, searching for an
accomplished killer and a woman
whose life has been capsized. The kidon uncovers the true enemy, a manipulator responsible for the tragic event that shaped him to be what he is. There is only one solution. With deliberate precision, he will hunt the man down. One perfect shot to change the course of history.

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Assassin's Game

“Assassin’s Game is a superbly written story, a classic thriller.”
- Larry Bond, New York Times bestselling author of Shattered Trident

David Slaton has a good life. He has
a new wife and a house in the
Virginia suburbs. But he also has a
dark past. Slaton is a former kidon,
the most lethal Israeli assassin ever

After decades of work, a brilliant
scientist has taken Iran to the
threshold of its dream-a nuclear-
tipped ballistic missile. Mossad must
eliminate the man, but with a spy
lurking high in its ranks there is only
one option: bring back Slaton. The kidon has vowed to never kill again, but when his wife is attacked and forced to flee across Europe, events force his hand.

Slaton plots to assassinate one of the most closely guarded men on earth. Success is improbable. Survival unlikely. Only when he learns the labyrinthine truth does Slaton see one high-stakes chance. A chance for an assassin’s game . . .

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Assassin's Game

Fly By Wire

2010 ForeWord Book of the Year Award Finalist-Thriller/Suspense

The C-500 is the world’s most
advance cargo aircraft, built by a
consortium funded by a group of oil-
rich states. Yet a routine delivery
goes horribly wrong, crashing in
central France, and the world calls in
the best experts available to find out
why. Jammer Davis has a reputation
for getting things done, and letting
no one stand in his way. His first
finding is troublesome-he has been
inserted into the investigation at the
behest of the CIA. Soon suicide
attackers launch a series of strikes against oil refineries around the world. As financial markets fall into a tailspin, a relentless Davis keeps digging. What he finds is a conspiracy of unthinkable proportions. One he might not be able to stop.

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Fly By Wire
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Stealing Trinity

Shortlisted for 2009 Macavity Award - Historical Mystery
Winner 2009 ForeWord Book of the Year Gold Medal - Mystery
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The Perfect Assassin

2007 Royal Palm Literary Award First Place-Mystery/Suspense
Winner 2007 Florida Book Award Silver Medal-Popular Fiction
Military Writers Society of America Gold Medal-Fiction
Fly By Wire
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Ward Larsen

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In the last days of World War II, the
Third Reich makes a desperate grab
for its most valuable asset, The Wasp,
a spy buried deep in the Manhattan
Project. The man chosen to reach the
scientist is Alex Braun-American
born, Harvard educated, and a
ruthless killer. British intelligence
learns of the Nazi plan, but
unconvinced of the magnitude of the
threat, send a single man to track
down Braun. The trail leads to Rhode
Island where a young heiress has
unwittingly taken Braun back into her
life. Soon four people have a fatal rendezvous-a tenacious British investigator, a determined young woman, a killer, and the spy who holds secrets that will shape the world.

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Stealing Trinity
Fly By Night Books Page Fly By Night Books Page
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Fly By Night
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